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A Day in Rome!

If you have a long layover or a night in Rome, here is the perfect way to spend it!

  • P.S - If it's a long layover make sure to get back to the airport super early (1.5 hours) or you will miss your BUS to get to the plane, like I did.

Quartiere Coppede

This area is known at The Fantasy District, it is full of designs by Florentine architect Gino Coppedè. Most famously, The Fountain of Frogs after the Beatles dunked themselves in it after a concert. Also, make sure to check out the chandelier under the Archway entrance.

Trevi Fountain

If you can't tell, this was one of my absolute favorite places to visit. I'm like a kid in a candy shop, I had always wanted to be able to toss a coin in the fountain and it did not disappoint!


One of the seven wonders of the world and something you definitely need to check off of your bucket list or put it on there. The pictures don't do it justice.

The Aventine Keyhole

One of the coolest views in Rome and one of the hardest pictures to take. Everyone makes it look so easy, but it isn't, don't let them fool you. Take your time and enjoy the view, the pictures are well worth it.


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