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Barcelona: Sun & Sangria

Little did we know, a missed bus to our airplane would land us in such a beautiful city. While this wasn't on our original travel plans I wouldn't have wanted to miss this city and all it has to offer. We did only spend a day and a half here, so if we had more time I am sure we would have explored more but these were are highlights that were awesome!

Catedral de Barcelona

WOW is an understatement for this beauty nestled in the heart of Gothic Quarter. As you approach the cathedral, there are two towering bell towers that lead up to a roof terrace. while we didn't make it to the rooftop since we were limited on time and wanted to be able to see as many things as possible, I hear there is an amazing view and if it is anything like Sagrada Familia, it will be well worth the climb.

Sagrada Familia

This is a must see, the stain glass alone is worth the visit! It has been under construction since 1882 and is not supposed to be completed until the 2030's. I am sure there are more beautiful additions since I was there.

For those willing to venture to greater heights, you can climb the Nativity and Passion facades' towers. Be Warned, this is a tiny spiral staircase that seems like it is never ending! However, the view throughout it has breathtaking panoramic views of Barcelona.

Don't forget to bring your camera and wear comfy shoes here! Also, buy tickets in advance so you don't have to wait in long lines and be prepared to go through security.

Casa Batllo

This architectural gem also known as the "House of Bones" is located in the center of Barcelona and I have never seen anything like it. The outside balconies look like they are cool masks and light up underneath. It's a different experience during the day and at night all lit up, I would try to stop by to experience both. While you can go inside and explore each rooms theme and go up to the rooftop, we did not. The outside was amazing enough for us. However, I do hear the rooftop view is fantastic if you have time.

Park Guell

You have to check out this whimsical wonderland. It is super colorful and full of mosaic ceramic tiles, which is unreal. It must've taken forever to complete this park, it is spread across 42 acres, so you will have plenty to explore! The dragon is what the park is known for, which was my favorite thing, but the other buildings and structures were cool too. Not to mention, there is a phenomenal view of the city at the top of the stairs past the dragon you do not want to miss out on.

Gothic Quarter

There is not right or wrong to explore this area in the city. It is 100% walk-able and there are so many cool restaurants, stores and buildings. Everything is so pretty in this town and historic. You could spend multiple days exploring, I just wish we had more time to!


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