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Ever Wanted to Explore a Plane Crash?

This crash site is located outside of Asheville in Waynesville, North Carolina.

Whether you are looking for a short hike or a long hike, this is a perfect option. With plenty of awesome views along the way and a plane crash to explore when you reach your destination.

  • Hike via Fork Ridge Overlook: Approximately 10 miles out & back

  • Hike via Waterrock Knob: Approximately 3 miles out & back

  • Coordinates of the Crash: Latitude 35.46354, Longitude -83.13207

***Make sure to either screenshot the maps/trails and instructions prior to starting the hike. I also suggest downloading the offline google map of the area. Cell service is very spotty in the area***

Fork Ridge Overlook to Waterrock Knob

The elevation at the beginning of this adventure is 5280 feet. Be prepared to make a windy uphill climb on the way to the plane crash, but it's a breeze coming back. Right before you take the stairs to exit the trail, stop and take a dip in the stream on your way back to cool off.

Waterrock Knob to Browning Knob

The Waterrock Knob has the highest Visitor Center elevation on the Blue Ridge Parkway at 5,280 ft.

After the initial flat paved surface you will follow several gravel staircases that lead up the trail. After the last set of "stairs" you will follow the trail to the left to find the plane crash, but first go right and see the awesome views at Browning Knob.

Browning Knob to the Crash Site

Once you leave the lookout point make sure to stay left and follow the yellow spray-painted marks on the trees that will lead you straight to the crash site. During the journey to the crash, there will be many up an downs trek. Make sure to watch out for the tree vines on the ground, so you don't trip.

The Crash Site

Take some time to explore the crash site. Go inside, climb through it, but most of all make sure to go a little further down to the left and you will find more pieces of the plane and ejected chairs. As you will see, in recent years it has been a popular place to your initials.


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