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The Perfect Getaway

Welcome to Aruba! While the island only has about 70 miles of exploratory area, be sure to cover it all!

Helpful Tips
  • Forget paying for phone service, go off the grid for a few days

    • First, make sure to download the google map offline version of the Island when you get to the airport, it will get you everywhere

    • If you need to use your phone, the hotels and most restaurants have free Wi-Fi

  • Take your time to explore the entire island - It only takes about 4 hours

  • Skip the guided tour and rent a Trail Buggy, UTV or ATV

  • If you get the chance, make a reservation for an early dinner at the Flying Fishbone and make sure to request a table in the water!

    • Note: Those tables are only available at lower tide

Places to Explore

I suggest renting a Trail Buggy or ATV to go explore the Island. While there are plenty of rental cars too, off-roading vehicles are necessary to get to some of the best spots. I personally suggest HS Rentals Aruba (, they allow you to rent the vehicles for a 1/2 day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours).

My biggest regret was that we only rented our Trail Buggy for a half day, I definitely suggest renting one for the full day and to spend an entire day exploring the island. Go get lost in the endless trails and roads, you will not regret it!

Aikok National Park

Natural Pool – in the park cliff jumping too

Fontein Cave

Quadirikiri Cave

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

Natural Bridge

Excursions to Take

De Palm Island

Take a trip out to the all inclusive island for some fun in the sun!

The Antilla Shipwreck

Explore the best shipwrecks around the island on The Arusun, while enjoying an open bar.

Kukoo Kunuku

Make sure not to miss out on the best Happy Hour or Pub Crawl on the Island.

Delphi Watersports Aruba

Make sure to check out Delphi, your one stop shop for all things adventure!

Suggested Itinerary


Take the time to get situated in the hotel and stock up on any snacks and drinks you might want for later in the evening.

One settled, take a stroll down to the pool or beach where there will be towels, chairs, and umbrellas waiting for you at most of the hotels.

  • Don't forget to take advantage of the pool bar or Cabana boy/girl!

I suggest going out to Flying Fishbone or another restaurant on the Island on the first night there, day two and three will be full-days of adventures.


Now you wont be able to do all the excursions mentioned in one day. Use day two for anything water excursion related. There are lot of options above, but I would make sure to hop on the Arusun for a four hour morning adventure to shipwrecks and beautiful blue waters. Not to mention, the unlimited free booze, they make a great rum punch!

After, you'll have the rest of the afternoon to pick your next adventure. Most of these you can book the day before or in advance.


Take day three to rent a Trail Buggy, UTV or ATV and make it a point to explore the whole Island! It only takes four hours to make it through the whole Island, but make sure you have ample time to explore Aikok National Park, which is where most of the locations to explore above are.


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